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Magazooms, a SaaS (software as service online application we describe as PCMS (Publishing Content Management System), enables publishers to transform and manage their publication with integrated video, publish and search them online, and measure each in terms of performance with their audiences.


Magazooms Server is also delivered as a turnkey self-hosted solution for enterprise applications.

Publishers simply provide their publication or document as a PDF file and our service transforms them into an interactive format using the Magazooms Reader for users online , Magazooms Desktop for users offline , and MZReader for users with iPhone and other compatible devices. The original PDF is always available for print or to save, while the Magazooms interface offers a unqiue presentation with features that bring more value and utility to the publication.

Our production servers and online management tools make it easy for publishers to transform, release, control, manage, and track their publications without any additional software.

All publishers may integrate their publication(s) within their existing web site domain while Magazooms provides production, hosting, delivery, and tracking services.

Publishers have these features and services at their disposal.

  • Full Content Search
  • Print pages or save as PDF
  • Readers can share with their friends and family
  • Sell rotating Ads just for your digital edition
  • Personal Bookmarks
  • Click to add products to the shopping cart
  • Update or change pages between printings
  • Readership statistics, maps, and charts for analysis
  • Distribute on CD/DVD for reading offline
  • Control access - require reader validation (optional)
  • International Language Support - User Interface

NEW iPad Version Now Available !

Now Shopping Enabled your digital catalog can be a simple and smooth shopping experience. Just tap to display real-time product images and information such as pricing and availability.

Built-in Shopping Cart

The integrated shopping cart allows shoppers to remain on the catalog page while adding items to their cart. Shoppers only leave the catalog when they're ready to Checkout.

Search and Save

Search the catalog for products or keywords and save the matching pages as a new PDF.

Share with Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Easily share content from Catalogs or publication using 7 available options from sending pages by email to posting to Facebook and Twitter.

Publish Everything in a Single Window

Publishers now have their own branded portal to display all their publications. Allow visitors to search all publications at once to quickly find what they're looking for.


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