Google Analytics and Magazooms

Our development team has just completed an update that gives Publishers a new option for reporting statistics on their publications. Google Analytics (GA) has become the tool of choice for many companies when it comes to tracking the performance of their websites and now Magazooms digital publications...

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Publishing Made Easy

Convert and publish your PDF content directly to audiences without any additional software, programming or assistance from webmasters.

Transform and manage your publication with integrated video, publish and search them online, and measure each in terms of performance with their audiences.

Simply load your PDF file and our service transforms it into an interactive HTML5 format for users online.

Our production servers and online management tools make it easy for publishers to transform, release, control, manage, and track their publications without any additional software.

All publishers may integrate their publication(s) within their existing web site domain while Magazooms provides production, hosting, delivery, and tracking services.

Publishers have these features and services at their disposal.

  • Auto-Submit to Google for SEO
  • Google Analytics statistics, maps, and charts
  • Full Global Content Search
  • Print pages or save as PDF
  • Readers can share with their friends and family
  • Sell rotating Ads just for your digital edition
  • Click to add products to built-in shopping cart
  • Controlled access – require reader login (optional)
  • International Language Support – User Interface