We Connect to Any E-commerce Framework

Magento E-Commerce Framework

We Connect Catalogs to Any E-commerce Framework !

No matter what technology or platform you might employ for e-commerce on your web site the Magazooms Shopping Catalog can be connected to your E-Commerce Framework. Whether its Magento, Shopify, OpenCart,WooCommerce or your own proprietary system we can provide the technical support to guide you through the 2 simple connections required. For more technical details you may read the documentation here.

Basically our online catalog solution can be plugged into virtually any e-commerce system because its designed to be loosely-coupled. It communicates using standard everyday protocols and transmits standard data formats behind the scenes . There are only 2 web site processes required for enabling your catalog for shopping.

  • Accept a HTTP request for product information and return product data as a response.
  • Accept a data payload containing all the shopping cart items and process the order in your checkout.

Its Safe and Secure

You can rest assured that you always maintain full control over transactions. We are NEVER involved in collecting customer information, payment methods or credit card data. Its not a complicated. Its designed to channel  the orders  to you and allow you to continue your business as usual, but with an increase in sales !

The communications are configured only once and your current catalogs, as well as any future catalogs, will be connected. Our technical staff can provide personalize support if necessary to guide your IT staff through the connection setup.

Its not unusual for a new catalog customer to have their catalog up and running in 24 hrs including the Magazooms processing that creates all the product hyperlinks for online viewing.

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